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St Louis Storm Damage Repair Services

We have over 10+ years of experience serving customers, are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and treat everyone we work with like family.

After a big storm hits that have caused wind or hail damage, it’s now time to have a local expert come out and assess what damages have been done to your property. Our St Louis Hail Damage Roof Inspection team will provide a detailed review of the property and use the latest software and tools to ensure that any major insurance company will approve your roof.

Our storm damage repair and replacement team are there for emergency situations like tarping after a major hail or wind storm and inspect the property up to 1 year after a major storm as well. Our hail damage roof inspection services include an initial assessment of storm damage, talking with an adjuster from any big insurance companies, and providing high-quality materials and professional installation.

Since times are changing and businesses must adapt, we pride ourselves on the most up to covid guidelines set forth by your local government agencies. We offer “Contactless inspections and installations” that ensures we can all due to stop the spread and help each person and neighborhood one roof at a time.

Our storm damage repair and replacement services will provide detailed agreements with no hidden costs and a team of roofing experts that will fight to get your new roof if that’s what the final assessment suggests. When considering a new roof or even some repairs, don’t DIY it, and have it done by contacting our St Louis hail damage roof inspection team.

what is storm chasers roofing?
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Don't let a storm cause more damage to your home by leaking and creating more problems
Most likely any major storm will require a roof replacement, and we will fight to get what you deserve.
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Whether you want to update your current roof or install new one, we can quickly and efficiently fix any issue.